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The finger is getting there. Slowly. It looks like it's almost back to normal. Most of the skin peeled off like it was sunburned. All of the scabs are healed. Now we have 3 small bumps over 3 of the holes made by little cat fangs. I still love this cat and cuddle with him but boy, I have moments when I want to knock his block off. I'm still pissed off at him and pissed off in general about this. But that's going away too. Thankfully. It's probably one of those 5 stages of something. I can now hold heavier things in my hand. Strength is coming back more and more each day. I'd say about an ounce a day.

I think we're at the greatest point of integration that we're going to get to with the animals. Boo is the only one that consistently hisses at Willow when Willow tries to nose him. All of the other cats are either hardly bothered and don't even look up at the giant dog nose when it's applied to them or they do look but are calm. Mostly calm. No one is cuddling up together on the couch but no one is trying to eat or injure the other. I'll take this.

No job yet. No replies to resumes sent yet either. Hmmmm. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be. So. After the new year I'm going to go back to temping. That should at least get me some money and get me out of the house. I know, weird, I'm getting bored sitting around all day. Didn't think that would happen but it has.

We're going to Missouri for a 4 day trip this coming weekend. We're visiting John's parents. We're bringing John's son. I'll get to meet John's sister and brother and their families. And we're driving. Sixteen hours. This should be interesting!

John and I continue to get along fabulously. Nothing to report there other than yeah, it's all good. Real good.
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