hopefoot (hopefoot) wrote,

Bashing gay bashers is the new black

Bashing gay bashers is the new black. Which pleases me. Also being ridiculed are those that say they just disagree with homosexuality - like you can disagree with something that's innate - it's like saying you disagree with blue - you might not like blue, you may even hate blue but no, give me a break, there is no world where saying you do not disagree with blue makes any kind of sense. The thing that really gets my goat is when homophobes say they feel bullied now. I seriously doubt you will ever be anything more than verbally ridiculed for your appalling behavior. I seriously doubt you will ever be literally bashed over the head with clubs, or made to feel so inferior that you take your own life at 16, or be forced into mind control camps by your misguided and fucked up religious parents, or shot at, or have done to you any of the other mean, nasty, horrible, ugly things that people of your mindset have been doing to gay people for a very, very long time.
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