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Pet Sitting Biz Startup

I've been working on this idea for a little over 4 weeks now. The second week of that time was spent on a friends and family visit vacation in NJ. I have picked up since then and things are starting to begin to come together. I want to document the steps and my progress. Because I'm like that.


Today I:

- Participated in some discussions on the Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers message board on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=1697167&trk=anet_ug_hm&goback=.gmr_1697167.gde_1697167_member_5918074123153608707.gmr_1697167

- Found there this free bunch of seminars from a woman who makes me laugh, I've seen her around in the pet sit biz stuff - she markets herself as being able to help anyone create a six figure pet business - which is all fine and good and according to D, the woman that my friend C introduced me to and an owner of a pet sitting business herself, that lofty goal is entirely possible and she's near that after only 4 years. My friend C works for D's company as a pet sitter so I'll be able to ask her questions about the day to day stuff. I got about a half an hour of D's time on the telephone and she was fantastically helpful and answered all of my questions and gave me lots of advice. So anyway, yeah, I signed up for the seminars on this site:

- Today I will watch a seminar online - for free - actually it's called a webinar - don't like that term much but whatever. It starts in a half an hour and I found that through SCORE.org which is a free mentoring site which is part of the Small Business Association. This one is on how to build a website. I intend to watch all of the other applicable seminars they have and there are a lot. Yesterday I signed up for a mentor of my own to help me with accounting questions. They're supposed to either email or call me. Haven't heard from anyone as of yet. And ha! Just signed in - 12 minutes early - and they're playing classical music - reminds me of Rosalie blasting the conference call hold music from her office speakerphone. I muted it.

Stuff I learned before I had to closed the window because he was whizzing through it all way too fast for me to be able to absorb. But. He did point out that it is all being recorded and will be available online whenever I want to go back and I will go back. Anyway - notes are:
get a branded email account
create a domain name
need to build a responsive website so it fits on all devices
get hosting

- I cancelled email alerts from Rubbermaid and from Careers in Food for Purchasing job listings. And RatRaceRebellion. And State of NC Parks Department jobs which I did with a pang because that's what I'd really love to do - work in a park. I'll be canceling other alerts as they appear in my mail box. Yesterday I had to wrestle with applying for a position or not and had a long talk with myself about it (John listened) and decided that I don't need those kind of distractions and if I ever change my mind I can always go back to looking for a Purchasing job. That I haven't found in almost a year of looking here.

branded email account
create a domain name
need to build a responsive website so it fits on all devices

- Had a great talk with a mentor guy from SCORE - they called - he's setting up another meeting for me with some local people to meet with me in person and go over my business plan - which is the 20 projects that I've created for myself.

Today I want to create a timeline for all of these projects.
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