hopefoot (hopefoot) wrote,

On the six degress of seperation and the affects of negative energy

When I was active on Live Journal many, many years ago they had over 7 million users. Some guy wrote a program to determine how many degrees of separation you were from any other LJ user. I had LJ friends from all over the world, from all age groups, ethnicities, religious beliefs, you name a group, I was friends with someone in it. I was fascinated with this little program and ran it for just about all of my friends - and the degrees of separation were consistently much less than six - they were usually as low as three or four. And I decided to try this out with random strangers that I picked from large groups and still the same thing. In fact, out of thousands (did I say I was obsessed? yeah) of attempts over many years I think I had maybe two or three instances where two strangers were linked by more than five degrees. And now the point. Bad things happen in the world. They affect most people negatively. Those negatively affected people interact with other people and they spread a diluted version of this negative energy to those they meet. I define negative energy to be a directly observable thing - say the person is grumpy, or they don't smile when they always smile, or they're distracted and don't focus on a task and produce a shoddy piece of work - whatever - point is - their interactions with the world are degraded because of this negative energy that they received. Obviously - the worse the bad thing, the more negative energy is spread. To me I see it all very much like a bomb. You still with me? Okay. I refuse to let negative energy OF ANY SORT go unanswered because it directly effects this massive web of life on this planet that I am directly attached too. This is self preservation baby. I also happen to care deeply for my family and close friends so I want them taken care of too. I also care, to a lesser extent, because one is only capable of caring deeply for a limited amount of people, but I still care about everyone and everything in this lovely web because it all literally will come back to me. So. When I see people misbehaving - which I define as people causing other people anguish - and hell fucking o - we've got a shit storm of that in this country right now - I would be a complete idiot to not call out those who are causing the anguish. Put another way - you step on me - or those that are in this with me - which is EVERYONE ON THE PLANET - I yell. I don't put up with it.

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