hopefoot (hopefoot) wrote,

Trying to learn to love winter

I just looked outside and said, out loud, to myself, because that's how I roll, anyway, I noticed that "The light is getting beautiful." Then I glanced at the time, and thought, "Already." And noticed that the old me would have sighed in despair at the gold hour coming on so early because it's winter. Because I used to not like winter and all of the signals that it was coming. But I think I'm finally starting to change that. Which is a goal. There's no point in disliking an entire season of the year, which is a very large chunk of one's life. There is, however, I think, great benefit from learning to love all of the seasons. Or at least appreciate them all.

A few people I work with bemoaned the fact that we were leaving work and it was already dark out. I noticed that we were right at the start of the blue hour, which has it's own special beauty. And the setting crescent moon was gorgeous. And I wished on the first star I saw.
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