My coworker today asked me why I won't kill any of the flies that we get  in the office. One day we must have had a mass birthing because we had  like 50 in the office. I spent most of the day capturing them and  releasing them and she spent her time swatting at them. I didn't try and  stop her and she came as close as she dared to trying to stop me. That  was a couple of week ago. Today we had just two interlopers in the  office and she asked, sincerely, why I wouldn't kill them. I gave her a  few lame answers but the real one is that she doesn't know them like I  do and she doesn't see them like I see them. I've seen a vast array of  behaviors, emotions and personalities. One pretty great photographer,  fairly early on in my photoging adventures, gave me the best compliment,  he said that I had the unique ability to bring out the puppy in even a  wasp. I see the puppy in them. And I see the fear in them when someone  is trying to hurt one too. I see it as clearly as I'd see it in your  face. I couldn't kill you either. 


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