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Animal update and fried spaghetti

This was adorable and heartwarming. Killer the cat was walking around on the bed. Willow the Great Dane walked in and looked out the big picture window near the bed. Killer snuck up on willow and sniffed at her. Willow turned around and they were eye to eye. They sniffed noses, with no coaxing from me, and they were fine. Willow's tail started wagging like crazy. She does want to make friends with the kitties!


I made fried spaghetti. I was starving. I did not like it. Rosalie - I am disappointed. I've heard you go on about it and thought I would love it. I'm wondering if I did something wrong. I used minced jarred garlic, olive oil, fresh parsley, cracked black pepper and salt and a bunch of leftover spaghetti. I fried it in a pan. At first it was taking too long so I cranked up the heat. I got a nice crunchy golden thing going on. It looked lovely. But it tasted meh. Maybe too much garlic. I might try it again. And I forgot the grated Parmesan. Any suggestions? I bought Mueller spaghetti. Any recommendations for dried pasta? They all taste the same to me.
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Sauce and my spleen

Last night John made what we called a purple wine sauce for the chicken I made. He broke off a chunk from the frozen block of vegetable stock I made, made a rue with butter and flour, combined it all with some wine and we poured it on the chicken. It was so good! We both had to have seconds.


I'm doing yoga in a few minutes that focuses on the spleen. I find that funny.
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Not jealous

I rarely get jealous. Jealous of other people who have things that I want but don't have or jealous when my boyfriend looks at another pretty woman. It's just not my thing. When I do feel jealousy it's overwhelming. Last time I got hit with a wave of it was years ago while I was driving around Lake Mohawk by my sister Donna's house. Gorgeous homes with fancy cars in the driveway and boats on the docks and fantastic views of the lake. The other day I realized I live in a neighborhood with gorgeous homes with fancy cars in the driveway and boats on the docks and fantastic views of the lake. That's pretty fucking cool.
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Animal update

This morning I had one dog and 3 cats in bed with me. I slept late today because I was up in the middle of last night looking for meteors. The cats and the dog can be in the yard without Willow trying to chase the kitties. This is good. Willow will stop short if I yell to her when she's going after the cats. I'll be happy when all 5 cats hold their ground when Willow starts after them. I think we'll get there. Maybe.
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Sunday we spent the entire day working on what John's calling the shlitter - essentially a big box on stilts that sits up against the house. He built it before I got here. We cut a hole in the house and another one in the box and built a short tunnel and lined everything up with much heaving and ditch digging on one side to even out the box and we painted the wood and took pictures through the house of the animals curious enough to poke their noses into the laundry room to see what the heck was going on.


Last night John had these grand plans to stay up until 1 am and drive 15 minutes away to where there's almost nothing around to cause light pollution to watch and photograph the meteor shower and have a picnic. This is something I would do except I'd just stand in the driveway in my PJs. But. We fell asleep around 10:30 and we agreed to not set the alarm. I happened to wake up at 12:48 to go pee so I decided to get dressed in warm clothes and go see what I could see. John declined my invitation so I took Willow with me. We walked around the corner to the lake and I snuck onto the property of a big beautiful house that's not quite done being built yet and has been sitting vacant for a long time. It's got a humungous deck along the back and a long dock. And some deck chairs. I took a chair and went down to the dock and leaned back and watched the sky. And saw no meteors. I did however see a bunch of stars and some clouds. It was a lovely peaceful night and even a bit magical as the night always seems to be when you're up and out in it unexpectedly with a mythical unicorn (read Great Dane - I equate Willow with unicorns - she still doesn't seem like she's a real creature to me) by your side.

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John put a hole in the house today while I made chocolate mouse and tonight we went for a walk down to the lake. The hole is for the cats to get out of the house and into a box that has their litter boxes in it and a way out. It's pretty cool.
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Today I'm feeling unsettled. Good, but still unsettled. I'm sure this is because last night John and I went on a whirlwind of getting me settled in. All of my boxes had first been piled in the kitchen. They were then opened and either fully or partially emptied. The boxes with stuff still in them then went to the living room awaiting the time when they would be reorganized and moved to points elsewhere. Last night we took every one of the boxes to their semi final resting places and moved furniture and unpacked, alphabetized and merged our DVDs (OMG we have a lot of DVDs!!) and then we had some wine and sat on one of the couches and watched one of those DVDs and laughed and had a delightful evening. So of course now that I got used to all the crap all over the place I'm feeling weird now that it's gone. Good and happy, but weird.

The animals are liking this new open feeling. We had all 5 cats and Willow the Great Dane in the kitchen this morning. Everyone was all just sitting around looking at each other. Actually Willow was laying down with her head on her paws looking up at the cats. This helped. A lot. The cats don't like looking up at Willow's humungous jowls. Of this I am sure. Anyway, I note this because it is a first, a new and tiny improvement from yesterday and the day before in the Pet Integration Process.

Tonight John and I go to a wine tasting at Lake Norman Cottage ( They call themselves a wine shop within a shop. We'll be going with John's coworker and his coworker's girlfriend. John introduced me to them before when we went to a farmer's market to see his friend's bluegrass band play. The girlfriend and I bonded over goat cheese selections and flowers at the market. How wholesome can you get?

Tomorrow we'll be going to a surprise birthday party for another of John's coworkers. We were invited to that by his coworker's wife. I like her too. Should be fun. I want to hear more about their years spent living in Sweden.

I'm thinking - too bad we don't have a bigger dining room table. We could have some kickass dinner parties especially with the way John and I cook together. I've always wanted to have a kickass dinner party or two. We'll see.

Sunday is going to be project day. Maybe. The boat needs fixing. We still have furniture to move around. We have the storage room to organize. Or maybe we'll go for another ride in the country to take pictures. Or lounge around and make something great for dinner. Or something.
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Stuff we're doing

This weekend we're invited to a surprise birthday party for one of John's coworkers, Monday night we went to see that coworker participate in a bike race so John could take pictures, this past weekend we went to Morrow Mountain State Park and discovered Boogerwoods and cotton fields along the way, next Wednesday we're going to see a comedy show in Charlotte with our next door neighbor, and after that we're going to see my cousins in Asheville. We're busy. And having fun!
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Willow and the cat's food

John and I agree that there is no way we can leave the cat's food on the floor throughout the day, which is the custom, because Willow has decided that their food is an extra snack for her and she can not be trained into ignoring the tasty and tempting morsels of delightfulness (John's phrasing). So last night John devised and built a cat feeding station that should be Willow proof. I scrubbed and cleaned the chrome shelving unit that we intended to use upstairs for extra storage, John adjusted the shelf heights, cut the cardboard (which I shall draw upon with many color markers), designed and created a tool to fasten the cardboard to the cart (John's screen name is Toolman, it's what he does and he's good at it), then attached the cart to the wall being careful to tape over the rough edges to prevent anyone from being injured. I love living with an engineer!

Here's the cart fastened to the wall. There enough space for cats to get in there but not enough for a Great Dane's long nose to reach in.


And here it is pulled away from the wall so you can see how the food fits in there.


And here's a bonus image of all 5 felines on their way out to explore this morning. I've only been letting them out for a few days. Also shown is John's smoker which he uses quite a bit.

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Carolina Wren

I saw a Carolina Wren in the yard yesterday. This pleases me. Because I'm in North Carolina. Yes, really, that's all it takes. I'm lucky that way.
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