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Soylent Purple

Deep into the refrigerator peering

30 November 1965
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The basic stats from somewhere in 2006: I'm working as temp in a construction office. My unofficial title is Assistant Gopher. Having little to no responsibility is something I strive for because I don't have a talent for it. I'm a 39 year old female who lives in a two room apartment in an old Victorian in northern New Jersey, USA with 1 cat and a kitten.

Updated Jan. 4, 2006: I'm working as temp in an engineer's office. Having little to no responsibility is something I strive for because I don't have a talent for it. I'm a 40 year old female who lives in a two room apartment in an old Victorian in northern New Jersey, USA with 1 cat and a kitten. I have a new boyfriend that is making me deliriously happy.

Update for March 19, 2006: same as above, except nix the boyfriend thing. Oh well.

Updated on November 8, 2006: Have a new wonderful boyfriend, but have lost the job. It more than evens out.

Update for March 3, 2007: Still have that same boyfriend, and I have a new job. I buy things made from fruit. Hey, it pays well. And the kitten is a cat by now.

Update for January 2007: Things are same.

The not so basic stats: I'm, well, I'm who you think I am after reading this journal. Or not.

This is my house. I do what I please here. I'm not a meme freak, but I do get sharey with good things I find.

My camera is a Konica Minolta Dimage Z2. I post pictures of things that I think are interesting here, and I post what I think are interesting pictures in hopefootos. Feel free to add either journal, no need to ask.


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Kittens are love
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I stole the background image for my LJ from here - http://www.fractalus.com/gallery/?js=1


Since they only let me list 150 interests and I've had to pare down that list, this will be the continuation since I like the idea so much.

24 hour diners, the album ABACAB by Genesis, The Addams Family, apple pancakes with whipped cream and cinammon, Antonio Bandares, archery, Amaretto, being alive, art galleries, empty park benches, Brad Pitt, buffets, beaches, bells, canolis, calzones, cafes, Chapman sticks, Johnny Depp, chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, coconut, coffee shops, counting things, creamy red birch beer, Nicholas Cage, cheetahs, chipmunks, Christmas, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, clothes pins, coffee, good cooking tools, Neuman's Date Nut Bread, Johnny Depp, The Discovery Channel, drive-in movies, drive-thrus, ducks, easter egg hunts, Thomas' English Muffins, Entenmann's anything, Johnny Depp, black eyeliner, feminism, flea markets, fog, fractals, Frangelica, french fries, tree frogs and all frogs, geese, hammers, handcuffs, hearses, my heating pad, extra crispy home fries, hoop earrings, hummingbirds, ice cream, Inside the Actors Studio, jellyfish, Kahlua, Kill Bill, kung-fu fighting, lemon, lobster, light bulbs, lime, lions, hooker-red lipstick, Johnny Depp, lolipops, Looney Toons, lyrics, mist, museums, being naked, nakedness, Jack Nicholson, the ocean, ocelots, onion rings, peanut butter, penguins, Johnny Depp, pumas, panthers, peppermint, Peppermint Patties, poker, power tools, giving and getting presents, pumpkin pie, Quentin Tarantino, rabbits, raspberry, rootbeer, rootbeer floats, sales, Santana, sasparilla, seafood, homosexuality, bisexuality, every kind of sexuality, shiney things, shooting rubberbands, shooting stars, sick humor, Johnny Depp, soup, the night sky, silver jewelry, Six Feet Under, streetcars, stretching, suede, the sun, swans, turkey legs, vibrating bullets, Wawas, yoga, well decorated rooms, wind chimes, WholeFruit frozen juice bars, taking pictures of purple houses, waterfalls, the word wood, looking down at clouds, zeppoles, watching sunlight on leaves while lying on my back under an umbrella of trees on a warm, bright, breezy day and oh yeah, Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp

Things I don't like:
being rushed, blue cheese, circuses, liver, October, snow, zoos
air hockey, alexandrite, amethyst, amusement parks, animals, anne rice, architecture, art, baked goods, bass, behavior, bernal heights, big cats, birds, blonds, blown glass, blue eyes, boats, boys, bridges, butterflies, cathedrals, cats, cheese, chocolate, christopher moore, chrysler building, clouds, clubing, clue, coincidence, computers, cooking, corvettes, dancing, dogs, douglas adams, dragonflies, dragons, dreams, drugs, earrings, entomology, erotica, etymology, fadetoblack, fairies, fantasy, flowers, funk, george carlin, get fuzzy, halloween, hawks, high heels, horror, horses, humor, hurricanes, indies, intense weather, killdeer, kinky sex, lace, large insects, larry mcmurtry, leapords, legends, lighting, liquors, literature, long hair, magic, meerkats, men, monet, monkeys, monsters, monty python, moths, movies, muscle cars, museums, music, nature, neon, new jersey, new york city, ny rangers, ocelots, opals, opie and anthony, orson scott card, paris, parks, paul thomas anderson, percussion, philosphy, photography, porn, post cards, prince, psychology, purple, ravens, reading, red hair, relationships, rocks, roller coasters, ruby red grapefruit, russia, san francisco, science fiction, sea creatures, siberian huskys, silence, silk, silver, singing, six feet under, sky, snakes, south park, space, spanish guitar, spiders, stephen king, swimming, taxi, the game of spit, thrift stores, tight asses, trains, travel, trees, unicorns, vampires, velvet, vistas, walking, web surfing, wine, witches, wkrp in cincinnati, wolves, wood furniture, woodland creatures, writing, you